Miami’s Newest Clothing Line, “Word Wear by Renda Writer” Announces Pre-Sale for First Release

Small $30.00 USD
Medium $30.00 USD
Large $30.00 USD
Mens/Woman’s ? T-Shirt/Tank ?
Men’s T-Shirt
Women’s T-Shirt
Men’s Tank
Woman’s Tank

Miami’s Newest Clothing Line, “Word Wear by Renda Writer”
Announces Pre-Sale Special Pricing
For Release of it’s First T-Shirt on October 9th, 2014

A Little Bit About Love” is the name of the first design from a newly formed independent clothing line out of Miami, Florida called “Word Wear by Renda Writer.”  With an official release date of October 9th, 2014, the company has created a pre-sale special for the “A Little Bit About Love” T-shirt, which gives early buyers a chance to purchase the T-shirt for only $30, saving $10 off the regular retail price of $40.

A Little Bit About Love” is available in both men’s and women’s styles, and in small, medium, and large sizes.  Buyers who are interested in taking advantage of the pre-sale special can do so by following these steps before 11:59pm on October 9th, 2014, when the regular retail price of $40 takes effect.

1.  Send an email to before October 9th at 11:59pm.
Please state the following in your email:
1) Mens’ or Womens’                        2) Size – Small / Medium / or Large
3) Tank Top / T-Shirt / or V-Neck    4) Your mailing address
2.  Wait for an official PayPal Payment Request Email (should receive within 24 hours)
3.  Follow the link in the official PayPal Payment Request Email to complete payment using your PayPal account or Credit Card
4.  Wait for your T-shirt in the mail.  All orders will be shipped on the official release date of October 9th, 2014.  All orders will include a special handwritten “Thank You” note from Renda Writer.  You should receive your T-shirt within one week’s time, or by October 16th, 2014, at the latest.
5. (OPTIONAL) – Take a picture of yourself wearing your “A Little Bit About Love” T-shirt and upload it on the internet.  Put it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr pages, and feel free to also upload it to the official “Word Wear by Renda Writer” Facebook page:   Suggested Hashtags Include:  #WordWear #WordWearByRendaWriter #RendaWriter #MiamiFashion #IndependentFashion #Handwriting #Handwritten #TShirts #CoolTShirts #MiamiFashionWeek #Love #LoveQuotes #NewClothingLine #ClothingLine #IndependentClothingLine #MensFashion #WomensFashion #HandwrittenTShirt #SmallBusiness #MiamiSmallBusiness #Wynwood #WynwoodArtsDistrict

A little bit about “A Little Bit About Love”

The t-shirt is lightweight, comfortable, and does not shrink or lose quality after washing.  It utilizes the eye-catching look created by the process of sublimatiion printing, also known as “all over printing.”  This allows the handwritten visual concept to flow continuously from the front to the back, over the seems, across the sleeves, and across the collar, creating a visually compelling conversation starter that is fun to wear in public.  From a distance, it looks colorful and appealing.  As one gets closer, the blury blue lines become readable text, and one gets even closer and reads the text, the word “Love” inevitably pops up frequently, inviting the observer in closer to fully read what the shirt says and find out “A Little Bit About Love.”

Other designs will follow, as the company grows and prepares for it’s official launch into the marketplace at the top of 2015.  In order to be kept in the loop about the company as it grows, adds new designs, and launches new sales and specials, interested parties can follow the  “Word Wear by Renda Writer” brand at the following links: